Margrethe Warden is originally from a small town in Virginia and moved to the metro Atlanta area in November 1997. She has been involved in aviculture for more than twenty years. She started out breeding cockatiels and conures; however, quickly branched out to include many other parrots as well. While she keeps or have kept a variety of parrots as well as a toucan, her interests lie primarily with Lories and Pionus Parrots. She has worked with five species of pionus and numerous types of lories. She accidentally got into lories early on, when she discovered a Red Lory (Eos bornea) in a pet store. Lories have been her passion ever since. She was a member of the Solomon Island Parrot Consortium, a cooperative breeding program which imports some lories not well established in American aviculture.

Ms. Warden been a member of the American Federation of Aviculture, was a club delegate for more than five yeas and served as the AFA Sate Coordinator for Georgia. In August 2002 she joined the Board of Directors for the AFA  in the elected position of the Specialty Vice President, a position held for six years. For four years, she also chaired the convention speakers committee and was Associate Editor for their quarterly publication The Watchbird. Nationally, she was on the boards for and active in both the American Lory Society and the Pionus Parrot Research Foundation. She served as the editor for the American Lory Society Network; their quarterly newsletter.  She currently serves as part of the editorial team for the Avicultural Society of America (ASA).

Ms. Warden has written a number of articles that have been published both in the US and abroad. In 2004 she published her first book, The Lory Owner's Survival Guide. She  has been a speaker at a number of club meetings and conventions in both the United States and Canada. 

When she's not taking care of birds, she is busy writing, reading, traveling or watching the Atlanta Braves play baseball.